Japan Retains Number One Ranking in Baseball

The United States earned more points than any other country in 2017 but it was not enough to surpass Japan for the number one ranking.

For the third year in a row Japan is the number one ranked country in baseball. They earned the second most points in baseball last year and now lead the United States by 244 points. Cuba remains number five place, 355 points ahead of México. 

The 2018 season will be difficult for the United States to surpass Japan since they are not participating in the Under 23 Baseball World Cup in Nicaragua in October, one of the two tournaments that hand out the most points for the 2018 season.

In a couple weeks the rankings could shuffle as points from 2014 expire, but if the United States should surpass Japan because of subtracted points their reign will be short.

Below are the top 12 teams in baseball, plus number 13 waiting to crack into the top 12. The top 12 teams will qualify for the Premier 12, which is the third most prestigious baseball tournament after the Olympics and the World Baseball Classic.

1. Japan (5658 points)

2. United States (5414 points)

3. Korea (4950 points)

4. Taiwan (3808 points)

5. Cuba (3677 points)

6. Mexico (3012 points)

7. Australia (2634 points)

8. Netherlands (2377 points)

9. Venezuela (2363 points)

10. Canada (2142 points)

11. Puerto Rico (1827 points)

12. Italy (1686 points)

13. Nicaragua (1636 points)