Team Cuba Fotos/Photos
Juego/Game 1 Cuba vs. R. Checa


2da Ronda (Final)/2nd Round (Finals)
12:30 am JAP vs. KOR 2-1 P-BY-P
2:00 am ITA vs. TAW 4-3 P-BY-P
6:30 am HOL vs. CUB 1-4 P-BY-P
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Posiciones Finales/Final Standings
Grupo/Group C
1 CUB 8 0 1.000
2 HOL 5 3 .600
3 ITA 5 3 .600
4 TAW 5 3 .600
5 JAP 4 4 .500
6 KOR 3 5 .400
7 NIC 3 3 .500
8 ZCE 2 4 .300
9 THA 1 5 .167
10 HKO 0 6 .000
Posiciones Ronda Clasificatoria/Qualifying Round Standings >>
** Los equipos conservan su récord basado en los juegos contra los equipos que clasificaron/Teams keep the record based on the matches played against the other teams that have qualified.
Peter C. Bjarkman's Reports


"The Peter Gammons of Cuban Baseball"

n urna eros.

Peter Bjarkman has been covering for more than 3 years with his columns and on-the-scene reports. Peter is a senior writer and author of the popular MLB blog, "Bjarkman's Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page." Bjarkman is a winner of THE SPORTING NEWS-SABR Baseball Research Award and a finalist for SPITBALL magazine's CASEY AWARD (for "Baseball Book of the Year") and his 1994 study, BASEBALL WITH A LATIN BEAT: A HISTORY OF THE LATIN AMERICAN GAME (McFarland), earned the Macmillan-SABR Baseball Research Award. Bjarkman's A HISTORY OF CUBAN BASEBALL, 1864-2006 is considered the seminal book on the Cuban national pastime.


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31 OCT

Seleccionado el Jugador Más Valioso de la XVII Copa Intercontinental...

31 OCT

Cuba y Holanda en enfrentan en la Gran Final...

30 OCT

Cuba y Holanda en enfrentan en la Gran Final...