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Peter C. Bjarkman |

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Peter C. Bjarkman Senior Writer

Peter C. Bjarkman has been the senior baseball writer for since July 2007. You can follow him on mlblogsbjarkmanlatinobaseball

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Recent Road Trip Offers Valued Window on this Year’s National Series

February 27, 2012  
Over the past decade and a half (since 1997 to be precise) I have tried to make at least two junkets around Cuban League ballparks during each renewed National Series season ; preferably one visit sometime around mid-season and the other during the heat of post-season playoff action.  The past couple of winters the earliest trip has been tied to the coattails of Kit Krieger’s annual “Cubaball” tour (which itself has existed since 2001). Thus I have enjoyed on several recent occasions serving as something of an unofficial guide or “historian in residence” for Krieger’s dozen-plus annual travelers (mostly Canadian and American ball fans) who have been making their own annual visits to Cuban ballparks for most of the last dozen years.
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