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2024 U15 World Cup Qualifier | The Cuban team ends the tournament with a disappointing performance

In the Pan American qualifier for the 2024 World Cup to be held in Colombia from August 16 to 25, the Cuban U15 baseball team had a disastrous performance. With a 2-3 record in Group B of the tournament, the team did not advance to this year's world championship. At the 2022 World Cup, the Cubans finished in second place, losing 4-3 to Team USA in the final. Cubans' performance in their group at a tournament held at Boca Chica Baseball City complex in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was as follows. Results for Cuba in Group B (Peru 3, Cuba 11) on March 16 (Puerto Rico 6, Cuba 8) on March 17 (Cuba 10, Venezuela 11) (8 innings) on March 19 (Cuba 24, Guatemala 0) (5 innings) on March 19 (Nicaragua 11, Cuba 1) (5 innings) on March 20 Accordingly, Group B after the qualifying round played from March 16 to 20 concluded in this manner. Teams W L GB RS RA R-DIF Puerto Rico (Q) 5 0 - 45 10 +35 Nicaragua (Q) 4 1 1.0 51 14 +37 Venezuela (WCG) 3 2 2.0 42 25 +17 Cuba 2 3 3.0 52 31 +21 WBSC/Guatemala 1 4 4.0 17 55 -38 Peru 0 5 5.0 6 78 -72 (Q): Qualifier to the 2024 World Cup (WCG): To play a Wild Card Game for the fifth World Cup ticket The Dominican Republic (5-0) and Mexico (4-1) qualified directly for the World Cup in Group A, while Puerto Rico (5-0) and Nicaragua (4-1) qualified in Group B. On Thursday, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will determine the Pan-American champion, while Mexico and Nicaragua will determine third place. To determine the fifth World Cup ticket, Brazil (2-3) and Venezuela (3-2) will play in a wild-card game. The only two teams who failed to win a game in the tournament were Argentina, in Group A, and Peru, in Group B.

It ends with a disappointing performance for Cuba in the U15 World Cup qualifying tournament

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