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Luis Robert continues crushing the baseball

Four plate appearances, seven pitches, one hit: but you just can't stop it. That's how it is. Luis Robert went 1-for-4 on Wednesday against the Seattle Mariners, and any of us might remember that he hit just .250. However, being in this age of analytics and sabermetrics, it is important to get here: Robert, once again, seemed unstoppable. So the bottom line in a 4-1 game often seems too simple if you don't remember this: Robert didn't miss a swing. His hands furiously went after all seven pitches the Mariners threw at him on Wednesday night, and he hammered the ball every time. His last ball put into play was an 111.6-mph blast that wound up traveling 405-ft at Guaranteed Rate Field. Sometimes it happens, and you just can't stop it. This was one of those nights, and the final lunge Robert provided was enough for the White Sox bullpen to take over the final lead, 6-4.

Another night in which we will sleep delighted with the greatness of Luis Robert.

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