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In the Cuban season...Only two teams sleeps peacefully, the other suffers from insomnia

What is the status of Cuban baseball after the weekend? In addition to bringing news, the question also kept the epilogue of the regular calendar in suspense. Following Granma's seven consecutive victories, the team is classified second after its five-game series victory over Isla de la Juventud. To celebrate its victory, Las Tunas has to win just one of 13 remaining games. The score is one more victory for Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo, Artemisa and Villa Clara falling once, or winning two of the eight they are missing to be in the final eight. Industriales and Ciego de Ávila, both with four wins, have a sure shot at reaching the postseason, regardless of other results. Likewise, they qualify if they win two and Guantánamo, Artemisa, and Villa Clara lose two. Matanzas would need to win three games while Indios, Cazadores, and Azucareros would have to lose three. Five consecutive wins and eight consecutive victories in the last ten games are not enough to separate Sancti Spiritus from Guantánamo, Artemisa, and Villa Clara. All calculations are based on Villa Clara winning the postponed game, which Mayabeque is winning, 4-1, in the fifth inning. It is important to note that the weekend did not provide us with the most suggestive aspect of what will take place on Tuesday. The two teams with most victories this year, Pinar del Río and Granma, will meet at the Capitán San Luis Stadium in Pinar del Río. Are the results of that contest going to determine the first place in qualification? It's possible, but not certain. As of now, Las Tunas has 13 games remaining, which would give them a combined win total of 53, while Vegueros and Alazanes would reach 52 and 51, respectively, unless they lose in the remaining eight games. Granma's last three games are against Las Tunas, which could also influence the outcome. Only two sleep peacefully, while nine, or ten, because Mayabeque is not ruled out yet, don't leave one nightmare to enter another.

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