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WBSC advances in the plan that would allow Cuban players to play legally abroad

The president of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), Riccardo Fraccari, affirmed this Monday that he is advancing in a plan so that Cuban baseball players can legally go out to play in foreign leagues. Cuban baseball players are currently unable to do so, which has generated tensions and talent leaks, like the one that starred half of the U-23 team last October when they left the World Cup played in Mexico. At a press conference in Havana on the penultimate day of his visit to Cuba, Fraccari was “optimistic” after speaking with members of the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) , although he acknowledged that the agreement “is not done in a day.” One of the main points of his visit, the WBSC president indicated was “Concrete a legal plan that allows leaving with a contract with a foreign league with a legal basis for the protection of the athlete”. Achieving a “legal basis for athlete protection” is something “very important” for baseball players , stressed Fraccari, who considered that the agreement with the FCB would also be able to give Cuban baseball back its “gloss”. In his opinion, he continued, progress has been made: “The result of this visit is that a plan was made, which now needs to be finalized well. , so that the players can leave” the country. “I think it can be achieved if we work together,” said Fraccari, who stressed that his visit sought to “open doors.” He added that now “the FCB is willing to discuss this and the WBSC can help as a liaison” with other foreign leagues. The WBSC President he was also satisfied with the FCB project to revitalize baseball on the island and assured that he was presented with a “detailed plan” with the “conditions”, “will” and “budget” to make it so. “Now the conditions and the budget are in place to advance and change some things in Cuban baseball , which deserves for its history, quality and potential to return to being a leading actor on the world scene” , he highlighted. Fraccari also cited WBSC’s plans to launch an international club competition similar to the soccer champions league , as part of his efforts to globalize baseball. “This year there will already be a promotional event,” assured the president of the WBSC, who advanced that work is being done so that the Cuban champion participates.

WBSC President, Riccardo Fraccari, affirmed that he is advancing in a plan so Cuban players can legally go out to play in other leagues

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