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Rankings Update: Japan maintains top spot in men's baseball following World Baseball Classic victory

Next year's Premier12 will be determined by the top 12 nations at the end of 2023

(Photo: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports)

After the conclusion of the 20-nation World Baseball Classic 2023 — the top-tier World Baseball Championship hosted by Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association — the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) today released the latest ranking in the WBSC Men's Baseball World Rankings.

A minimum of 242 points was required for participation and 1,150 points were guaranteed to the winners, 953 to the runners-up, and 905 to the third and fourth-place finishers. With 5,323 points, Japan holds the top spot in the World Rankings, followed by the United States with 4,402 points and Mexico with 4,130 points.

The top five are completed by Chinese Taipei (4,061) and Korea (4,049), while Venezuela (3,534) remains at No. 6. With 3,151 points, Cuba (seventh) and Australia (ninth, 2,600) improved their rankings. For the first time since 2006, Cuba advanced to the World Baseball Classic semifinals. It was Australia's best result in World Classics editions, finishing in sixth place. The Netherlands (3,089) has dropped one position and stands at No. 8, while Dominican Republic (2,415) stands at No. 10.

Among the biggest movers, Italy (2,017) climbed four spots into the all-important top-12 rankings at No. 12. China improved the most to No. 23, gaining seven spots, followed by Israel (No. 18) and Great Britain (No. 20).

In addition to WBSC-sanctioned tournaments, such as the U-12 Baseball World Cup, Premier12, World Baseball Classic, and continental tournaments, the WBSC Men's Baseball World Rankings take into account all results over the past four years. At the end of 2023, the top 12 nations qualify for the next Premier12 tournament.

Here is the full WBSC ranking.



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