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2023 Caribbean Series | The Agricultores' roster for the tournament has been announced

The pitching staff of this team is weak, which might lead to the worst performance in these events for Cuba

Today, the final roster of the Agricultores team representing Cuba in the upcoming 2023 Caribbean Series was announced. The tournament will take place for the first time since 2006 in two different cities, Caracas and La Guaira in Venezuela.

Eight teams are expected to be in the Caribbean Series 2023: Curaçao, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela, the host nation. The competition begins on February 2 and runs until the 10th of the month.

So far the WildCats from Curaçao, Tigres del Licey from the Dominican Republic, Vaqueros de Montería from Colombia, Indios de Mayagüez representing Puerto Rico, Federales de Chiriqui from Panama and from Cuba, Agricultores, the champions of their countries appear confirmed, while Venezuela and Mexico are still to be announced.

Cuba, which attends the 2023 edition of the tournament as a guest after an absence of three years, decided in 2022 to start an Elite League to raise the level of baseball on the island. Agricultores, Cuba's recently titled team from the Elite tournament, will take part in the 2023 Caribbean Series.

Agricultores, a team with a reputation for being offensive, could face serious problems in this edition of the Caribbean Series, with a pitching staff that leaves a lot to be desired and is not at the level of its Caribbean rivals.

Here is the announced roster.

2023 Caribbean Series Agricultores' Team

Pitchers (12)

  1. #71, Leandro Martínez - LHP

  2. #16, Kelbis Rodríguez - RHP

  3. #78, Yoel Mogena - LHP

  4. #89, Yunier Castillo - LHP

  5. #74, Carlos Santana - RHP

  6. #23, Alberto Pablo Civil - RHP

  7. #9, César García - RHP

  8. #14, Miguel Paradelo - LHP

  9. #54, Ángel Sánchez - LHP

  10. #62, Jonathan Carbó - Reinforcement (Tabacaleros) - RHP

  11. #20, Alexander Valiente - Reinforcement (Cafetaleros) - RHP

  12. #42, Andy Vargas - Reinforcement (Portuarios) - RHP

Catchers (2)

  1. #11, Yosvany Alarcón

  2. #34, Rafael Viñales

Infielders (7)

  1. #21, Guillermo Avilés

  2. #5, Carlos Benítez

  3. #52, Osvaldo Abreu

  4. #6, Andrés de la Cruz

  5. #10, Yordanis Alarcón

  6. #4, Yulián Milán

  7. #13, Yosbany Millán

Outfielders (7)

  1. #2, Darián Palma

  2. #22, Alexquemer Sánchez

  3. #32, Dailier Peña

  4. #56, Yunieski Larduet

  5. # 28, Denis Peña

  6. #18, Raico Santos - Reinforcement (Olmecas de Tabasco)

  7. #27, Denis Laza - Reinforcement (Portuarios)

Coaching staff

Carlos Martí, manager, Leonardo Soto (bench coach), Ramón Rodríguez (third base coach), Abeicy Pantoja (first base coach), Luis E. González (pitching coach), Rodolfo Correa (bullpen coach), Reinaldo Infante (physical trainer) , Blas Hernández (doctor), and Carlos Álvarez (team representative).

As part of the tournament, Cuba will play Curaçao at 10:30 am (local time) on February 2, Panama at 2:30 pm (local time) on February 3, Venezuela in prime time at 7:30 pm on February 4, Mexico at 2:30 pm on February 5, Colombia at 10:30 am on February 6, Puerto Rico at 1:00 pm on February 5 and will end the qualifying phase against Panama at 10:30 am on February 8.

As a result, four teams qualify for the semifinal round, which will be played on February 9, and the winners will dispute the 2023 Caribbean Series title on February 10.



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