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Emigrated players are welcome to participate in Cuba's baseball tournaments

The Cuban National Baseball Commissioner made this clear on Monday

Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo (Photo: Roberto Morejón)

In the Cuban National Baseball Series, the country is willing to accept all players.

In the weekly press conference the National Commission holds every Monday, Juan Reynaldo Pérez Pardo was asked Monday whether player Yasmani Tomás should be included with the Industriales team this season.

Pérez Pardo, Cuban Baseball Commissioner, responded that "those who have this aspiration and reside outside the country must undergo a repatriation process according to the regulations of that tournament". He indicated, however, that the entity he directs is evaluating whether it can modify what is regulated, in accordance with its powers. It is not just for Tomás, "because today it is him, but tomorrow it could be anyone who wants to do it and has no interest in repatriating" he added.

A new situation has arisen for the Cuban National Baseball Commission, the rector of the National Series or Serie Nacional, because several players have returned, repatriated, and joined different teams in the national tournament, and some have even made the Cuban national team.

There is no difference in the line for Yasmani Tomás or any other athlete. Tomás is interested, by the way, in wearing the national team uniform at the next Central American and Caribbean Games, according to Pérez Pardo.

Also according to the National Commissioner, the goal is to find the legal path that eliminates obstacles or provisions, allowing these athletes to participate in the Cuban tournaments.

Without a doubt, it was a necessary step. Eventually, this path might even lead to a player of another nationality competing in the National Series or Elite League.

However, in his statement, Pérez Pardo made it clear that only players who have been penalized for serious indiscipline, such as abandoning their teams during international competitions or during the Cuban season without authorization, are ineligible.



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